“If I showed you what I started with and what it became…” 

Photographing wildlife and nature is a passion of Kendalle’s and has been for two decades. She is able to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary with her creativity in design and bespoke patterns. Her designs all stem from her photography and are digitally printed onto high quality fabrics and leathers. Kendalle layers in her love for color by adding in trendy backdrops, stripes, and pops of color to her designs. Adorned with wearable art and statement pieces not to be found anywhere else, clients feel transformed.


Kendalle believes in balance. She is able to create the perfect balance between traditional power and harmony. All of the animals photographed create a connection with Kendalle and stare serenely into her lens. The animals are able to channel both strength and calm, and Kendalle surfaces these attributes in her work. She sees the balance of power and harmony as a foundation of her work and strives to evoke balance within her clients. 


Our designs are all digitally printed onto high-quality fabrics and leather using eco-friendly printers. Using cutting-edge printing technology, our products are infused with bright and lasting color deep into the 100% Nappa leather, silks, satins and chiffon fabrics. Our process includes expert leather workers and seamstresses who produce top-quality custom bags, scarves, and accessories unrivaled by anyone else. Before sending your purchase, we run a final quality check to ensure your product is printed to perfection. 

Made to order

We only start making your item(s) once you have placed your order. We hold no stock, nor do we produce products beyond need. Because of our made to order philosophy, we produce less waste and reduce our environmental footprint.

Sustainable production

We work with our manufacturers to use very little water in our manufacturing process. Our manufacturer works with the local water board to ensure ink waste is disposed of properly so nothing leaks into the environment.

Waste Management

One of our main manufacturers has reduced their fabric waste output by offering the fabric remnants free to crafters and DIY-ers who want a creative challenge. The offcuts then get repurposed, therefore reducing fabric waste.